#UKWedLunch – Wednesday 21st December 2016

As well as general wedding planning chat, this week there’s a wedding traditions quiz (just for fun!) Tweet your replies (answers at the end of #UKWedLunch)

Here we go… QUESTION 1: What was the original meaning of the word ‘bride’? #UKWedLunch

QUESTION 2: Which is said to be the unluckiest day to get married on? #UKWedLunch

QUESTION 3: Tiered cakes emerged from a game where couples tried to do what over an ever-higher cake without knocking it over? #UKWedLunch

QUESTION 4: If the younger of 2 sisters marries first, what must the older one do at the wedding or risk not finding a partner? #UKWedLunch

QUESTION 5: In Denmark, what would couples dress up as to confuse evil spirits? #UKWedLunch

QUESTION 6: What do Czechs throw at newlyweds instead of rice? #UKWedLunch

Hope you’ve had fun! Here are the answers: A1= cook, A2= Saturday, A3= kiss, A4= dance barefoot, A5= each other, A6= peas #UKWedLunch

Congratulations if you got all the questions correct. See more wedding traditions on Hanami Dream blog http://www.hanamidream.co.uk/category/traditions/#UKWedLunch

Look forward to seeing you again in 2017 from Wednesday 4th Jan 1-2pm for more wedding planning chat #UKWedLunch

All the very best for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! #UKWedLunch

Having a break from wedding planning chat next week, but there will be a round up of top posts from 2016. Feel free to tweet yours to #UKWedLunch on Wed 1-2pm