#UKWedLunch – Wednesday 12th April 2017

As well as general wedding planning chat, this week there’s a wedding traditions quiz (just for fun!) Tweet your replies (answers at the end of #UKWedLunch)

Here we go… QUESTION 1: Why are church bells rung at the end of a wedding ceremony? #UKWedLunch

QUESTION 2: Which is said to be the unluckiest month to get married in? #UKWedLunch

QUESTION 3: In Victorian times, what did brides use as a code to convey hidden meanings? #UKWedLunch

QUESTION 4: What do Greek brides put in their gloves for good luck? #UKWedLunch

QUESTION 5: In Holland, what is planted outside a newly married couple’s home as a symbol of fertility? #UKWedLunch

QUESTION 6: What would happen if the single guests slept with a slice of wedding cake under their pillow? #UKWedLunch

Hope you’ve had fun! Here are the answers: A1= drive away evil spirits, A2= May, A3= flowers, A4= sugar cubes, A5= pine tree, A6= dream of future spouse #UKWedLunch

Congratulations if you got all the questions correct. See more wedding traditions on http://www.hanamidream.co.uk/category/traditions/ #UKWedLunch

Look forward to seeing you again in next Wednesday 1-2pm for more wedding planning chat and celebrating achievements. All the very best for a very Happy Easter! #UKWedLunch

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