#UKWedLunch – Wednesday 15th November 2017

As well as general wedding planning chat, today we are talking about different food service styles #weddingplanning #UKWedLunch

STYLE 1: buffet – food is laid out on tables and guests collect a plate and then serve their own food on to their plates before going to find a seat elsewhere #UKWedLunch

STYLE 2: family style – platters of food are placed in the centre of a table and everyone around the table serves themselves  #UKWedLunch

STYLE 3: plated – food is pre plated in the kitchen and brought out by servers to guests that are already sat at their tables #UKWedLunch

STYLE 4: silver service – a high end level of service where servers come around to each seated guest and serve them food #UKWedLunch

STYLE 5: a la carte – instead of a set meal where everyone has the same plated meal, this gives guests the choice to pick their meal from a menu which is then brought out to their table plated #UKWedLunch

STYLE 6: boxed meal – this is not plated but in a portable container so that the food could be eaten whilst on the move #UKWedLunch

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