#UKWedLunch – Wednesday 19th July 2017

As well as general wedding planning chat, today we are looking at gift list alternatives #weddingplanning #UKWedLunch

TOP TIP 1: Traditionally gift lists are from 1 department store of homeware items to set up home, coordinate & avoid duplicates #UKWedLunch

TOP TIP 2: Curate online gift lists of products or get people to club together for bigger items with patchwork options #UKWedLunch

TOP TIP 3: Register for cash gift websites to ask for contributions for your honeymoon  #UKWedLunch

TOP TIP 4: Instead of products as for gift experiences, meals out, mini breaks or other bucket list adventures #UKWedLunch

TOP TIP 5: Provide details for guests to make charity donations in lieu of buying gifts #UKWedLunch

TOP TIP 6: Whatever type of gift, don’t forget to thank your guests afterwards #UKWedLunch

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