#UKWedLunch – Wednesday 8th February 2017

As well as general wedding planning chat, this week we’re feeling romantic – so share your proposal story for Vday inspiration #UKWedLunch

PROPOSAL IDEA 1: Say it with chocolates – put the ring inside a kinda egg! #UKWedLunch

PROPOSAL IDEA 2: Keep then guessing – good things come to those who wait! #UKWedLunch

PROPOSAL IDEA 3: Spell it out – in vegetable seeds and watch the message grow! #UKWedLunch

PROPOSAL IDEA 4: Whisk them away for a romantic weekend – just be careful with the ring in airport security #UKWedLunch

PROPOSAL IDEA 5: Say it with flowers – pick their favourites and make it personal #UKWedLunch

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s day next week. Please do share your proposal stories with Hanami Dream #UKWedLunch

This week’s proposal stories are taken from ‘Real life proposal stories‘ #UKWedLunch

As well as general wedding planning chat, next week’s theme will be on ‘wedding dresses through the years’ #UKWedLunch

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