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It’s coming to the end of the academic year in the UK and plans are afoot for celebrating the end of exams, achieving new qualifications and obtaining degrees.

Business gurus, psychologists and life coaches all agree on the importance of marking and celebrating achievements whether they’re academic, professional or personal milestones.

Thinking back to my old corporate days, the act of celebrating achievements for businesses can help to:

  • Bond a team together
  • Build morale
  • Increase motivation
  • Provide recognition
  • Establish benchmarks
  • Reward objectives and targets that have been met
  • Recognise the time and energy that has been put towards something

On a personal level, celebrating milestones can:

  • Mark the end or beginning of a chapter
  • Provide a time of reflection
  • Build confidence
  • Give a boost of encouragement
  • Provide a sense of fulfilment

From early on in our lives, striving for achievement is instilled in us. Whether this was with sticker charts where small steps add up to a reward after lots of hard work. Or dancing or music exams that test learned knowledge and give certificates so you can move up to the next level. Or watching athletes compete to win gold medals at the Olympics. Exams at school, college and university are a transition to the next step and act as a passage to adulthood.

There are lots of ways to commemorate achievements whether they’re personal milestones, momentous occasions, family events, team building or award ceremonies. Around this time of year, some academia hold proms, graduation balls or end of year parties. We need no excuse for a good party! See our Graduation Prom Pinterest board for more inspiration.

So if you’re celebrating your achievements at the moment (whether this is a big or small occasion or just giving yourself a little treat) make sure you take the time to give yourself some recognition and a little pat on your back. The tassle will be worth the hassle!

Good luck with any exams and congratulations on your achievements!

Photography by Farrow Photography