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You will need to give notice of your marriage in your local registration district. If you and your partner live in different areas, you will both need to give notice in your own district.

You can get married in a church, registry office or an approved venue. Or you could choose a legal service followed by a celebratory ceremony because you want to celebrate your marriage or civil partnership in a venue that is not licensed for ceremonies.

Remember that if you’re using a celebrant then there’s no restrictions when it comes to location (as long as you have permission from the land owner) nor temperature, or time of day!

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In order to give notice of marriage in a registration office, you must have lived in that district for a minimum of seven days. The earliest date the notice of marriage can be given is 12 months before the wedding ceremony. Normally, 28 clear days’ notice is required.

You will be asked to produce evidence of your full name, nationality, age and proof of current address plus evidence of marital status.

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how much
A non refundable booking fee of £46 will be payable for all ceremony bookings with a registrar.

To give notice of marriage or civil partnerships costs £35.

Marriage certificates cost from £4 each.

Attendance of a registrar at a wedding or civil partnerships in a registry office will cost £275 from April 2018 (inc £4 cost of marriage certificate)
Attendance of a registrar at a wedding or civil partnerships in a church costs £90 (inc £4 cost of marriage certificate)
Attendance of a registrar at a wedding or civil partnerships in an approved venue will cost from £495 from April 2018 depending on day of the week and time of the day (inc £4 cost of marriage certificate)

For a church wedding there is a required legal fee. If you marry in your home parish (providing you both live there) it costs £474 in 2018 (and £517 if you marry outside your own parish). This is set by the Church of England and the same for each church nationwide. This fee covers the cost of the vicar, calling your banns, a banns certificate, the marriage certificate, plus lighting and admin.

This doesn’t include the services of a verger, heating, organist, bell ringers, choir and church flowers. So, you’d need to check with your church on the costs and booking process for these additional elements.

A church wedding must take place between 8am and 6pm on any day.

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Two registrars will attend a civil wedding: one to conduct the ceremony and the other to register your marriage.

You will need two adults to be your witnesses. They can be friends or relatives, but should be over the age of 16 and able to understand English.

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