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Having your friends and family all together and celebrating your special day is often the best gift you can have on your wedding day. Some guests may have travelled a long distance, helped out financially, given their time, skills or support to help with the day. So whilst your guests may be showering you with gifts, it is often customary to give your guests and wedding party a gift to thank them for their involvement too.

Favours for guests
Gifts for your guests can be great mementos or souvenirs of the day showing a token of your appreciation whilst also matching your theme or colour scheme.

Favours originate from European aristocrats who gave their guests Bonbonnieres at high class weddings. These were small ornate and embellished boxes that often contained sugar or sweets. Back in the thirteenth century, sugar was not only considered a luxury item (especially as it was more expensive and harder to get hold of) but it was also believed to be medicinal too.

The tradition of favours spread, with couples in Greece giving sugar covered almonds and Middle Eastern couples giving their guests five almonds. Sugared almonds are now a very common tradition in weddings worldwide. Typically the number of sweets or sugared almonds is an odd number, significant as it cannot be divided between two. Also, the number five is indivisible which symbolises a strong union between the newlywed couple. Plus, the number five has special significance for Christians to represent Health, Wealth, Happiness, Long Life and Fertility.

As weddings used to be seen as a lucky occasion, couples wanted to pass on their good luck to the wedding guests by giving them a favour.

When wedding favours first came to England, in the sixteenth century, couples would give ‘love knots’ made of ribbons and lace to their guests. Nowadays couples are choosing more unique, personalised, dated and themed gifts. Here’s a pick of some of our current favourite favours to eat, meet, keep or have as a treat:


  • Traditional sugared almonds
  • Chocolate bars with personalised wrappers
  • Retro sweets (think flyer saucers, dip dabs and flumps)
  • Loveheart sweets (brought up to date with new slogans such as ‘text me’!)
  • Lollipops in a communal bowl on the table
  • Cake pops

Ice breakers

  • Games to play with other guests on the same table
  • Cameras to snap candid shots
  • Colouring books to keep children entertained

To wear at wedding

  • Flip flops for when your heels are hurting your dancing feet
  • Sun glasses for an outside wedding on a sunny day
  • Umbrellas for an outside wedding when the weather isn’t as sunny
  • Moustaches just for fun
  • Temporary tattoos


  • Packets of seeds to grow vegetables
  • Dried herbs to add to meals at home
  • Succulents or other potted plants


  • Alcohol miniatures
  • Loose leaf tea
  • Shot glass


  • Scented candles
  • Soap
  • Fridge magnets to always remember the couples’ wedding anniversary

Or how about a lottery ticket to share a bit of the good luck from the day?


Gifts for wedding party
In addition to your guests, you may also want to give special gifts to thank those in the wedding party (such as the best men, bridesmaids and parents) for their support. Options for these gifts can be really personalised to the individual, however here are some of our suggestions to get you started:

• Handkerchief embroidered with monogram
• Pocket watch
• Cuff links
• Hip flask
• Wallet
• Pen knife
• Tankard
• Bottle opener
• Leather wash bag
• Compact mirror
• Photo frame
• Artwork
• Fruit tree
• Jewellery


0 anniversary presents
Last, but by no means least, you might want to buy your new spouse a gift to celebrate your wedding day such as:
• Cuff links
• Jewellery
• Photo album


Whether you give favours or not, don’t forget to thank all your guests in your speech for their presence and send thank you notes for their presents.