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#UKWedLunch – Wednesday 11th April 2018

As well as general wedding planning chat, this week there’s a wedding traditions quiz (just for fun!) Tweet your replies (answers at the end of #UKWedLunch)

Here we go… QUESTION 1: What did brides from the east often shave off for their wedding? #UKWedLunch

QUESTION 2: What do Swedish people traditionally do any time the bride and groom leave the table? #UKWedLunch

QUESTION 3: What do German newlyweds have to do in front of their guests? #UKWedLunch

QUESTION 4: An old Scottish wedding tradition is to do what to a bride on the eve of her wedding?#UKWedLunch

QUESTION 5: In English folklore, it is good luck if a bride meets this person on the way to the wedding #UKWedLunch

QUESTION 6: What is placed on top of a wedding cake in Bermuda? #UKWedLunch

Hope you’ve had fun! Here are the answers: A1= eyebrows, A2= kiss, A3= saw a log in half, A4= wash her feet, A5= chimney sweep , A6= cedar sapling #UKWedLunch

Congratulations if you got all the questions correct. See more wedding traditions on Hanami Dream blog #UKWedLunch

Thank you for all the RTs, follows and likes! Hope to see you again next Wednesday 1-2pm for more wedding planning chat #UKWedLunch

As well as general wedding planning chat, next week will be about wedding photographs #UKWedLunch

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