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#UKWedLunch – Wednesday 13th June 2018

As well as general wedding planning chat, there’s some #toptips as well. This week’s theme is ‘tips for a minimalist wedding’ #UKWedLunch

TOP TIP 1: Make sure any existing elements of venue or furniture are hidden to ensure nothing will distract the eye #UKWedLunch

TOP TIP 2: Keep decor, florals and styling to a few key pieces and remember that less is more #UKWedLunch

TOP TIP 3: Stick to one colour for maximum impact with white making an amazing statement #UKWedLunch

TOP TIP 4: Ask guests to wear a certain colour to create a theme and the use of minimal colours throughout #UKWedLunch

TOP TIP 5: Create reflection – use metallic decor, silverware or mirrors to bounce natural light around the space #UKWedLunch

TOP TIP 6: Use Perspex tables and chairs with no fussy table cloths or chair cover #UKWedLunch

This week’s top tips taken from Hanami Dream blog ‘Top ten tips for a minimalist wedding with the wow factor’ #UKWedLunch

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As well as general wedding planning chat, next week will be about wedding insurance with top tips from Wedding Insurance Group #UKWedLunch