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#UKWedLunch – Wednesday 16th May 2018

As well as general wedding planning chat, today will be about toasts at weddings #UKWedLunch

WHY: traditionally toasts were a way of checking your drink wasn’t poisoned, or the clink was to keep evil spirits at bay. An actual bit of toast was put in drinks to soak up the dregs (with the person being honoured receiving the saturated piece of toast). #UKWedLunch

WHO: The welcome toast is by the host / father of  bride = toasts the bride and groom
The groom = toasts the bridesmaid(s)
The best man = final toast to the bride and groom

WHEN: after speeches, toasts bring the formal part of the wedding day to an end, so the informal part can begin #UKWedLunch

WHAT: traditionally toasts are with champagne, sparkling wine, prosecco, or alternatives may include shots, a signature cocktail, sparkling elderflower or have your guests choose their own drink

HOW: arm raised and outstretched with glass in hand and say either: please be upstanding, please raise your glasses, join me in toasting. Followed by a sentence for everyone else to repeat like ‘to the bride and groom’ or ‘to good health’ #UKWedLunch

HOW MUCH: allow 1 bottle for every 8 guests for the champagne toast and only pour half glasses (as most guests will just take sip and go back to their original drink) #UKWedLunch

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As well as general wedding planning chat, next week will be about networking #UKWedLunch

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