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#UKWedLunch – Wednesday 18th April 2018

As well as general wedding planning chat, today will be about wedding photographs #UKWedLunch

TOP TIP 1: Keep a traditional photographer – nothing beats professional photographs! Think about the style of photos you want and pick a photographer who has this style in their portfolio whether that be formal, candid or reportage. #UKWedLunch

TOP TIP 2: Consider having an engagement shoot so that you can get comfortable in front of the camera with your photographer before the big day. Plus it gives you a chance to recce some good photo locations at your venue.  #UKWedLunch

TOP TIP 3: Share running order of the day with photographer so they don’t miss key moments. Put together a shot list for your obscure requests. Think about shots you’d like to sum up the day (formal, candid and details). And feed your photographer – it’s a long day! #UKWedLunch

TOP TIP 4: Guests – please make sure that you don’t block the photographer on the day. Plus, the couple want to see your faces not your phones when they look back on their photographs. Chose a moment in the ceremony when guests can take their own photos. #UKWedLunch

TOP TIP 5: Think about contingency plans – what happens if the photographer can’t do your wedding at the last minute? Do they have a stand in? Check what your insurance covers and ask your venue if they have a designated space for group shots in case it rains. #UKWedLunch

TOP TIP 6: Hold your flowers by your belly button to have a nice shape with your arms. Take group photo of all the guests from up high to see all the faces and fit everyone in. Take phones and keys out of pockets. Get plenty of full length shots of the dress. Smile:) #UKWedLunch

This week’s top tips were about wedding photographs. Take a look at previous top tips from #UKWedLunch networking hours.

Thank you for all the RTs, follows and likes! Hope to see you again next Wednesday 1-2pm for more wedding planning chat #UKWedLunch

As well as general wedding planning chat, next week will be about networking