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#UKWedLunch – Wednesday 21st March 2018

As well as general wedding planning chat, today will be about drinks at weddings #UKWedLunch

TOP TIP 1: drink seasonally – if it’s hot you’ll need cool drinks (and possibly extra ice) and vice versa #UKWedLunch

TOP TIP 2: If guests are self serving then they may pour more than a bar tender. However they may drink less depending on time of wedding or on a weekday #UKWedLunch

TOP TIP 3: main alcohols to stock a basic wedding bar include: gin, vodka, rum, tequila, whisky, beer, wine, and champagne #UKWedLunch

TOP TIP 4: roughly you can get 4 servings per bottle of wine and 18 servings per bottle of liquor #UKWedLunch

TOP TIP 5: allow 1 bottle for every 8 guests for the champagne toast and only pour half glasses (as most guests will just take sip and go back to their original drink) #UKWedLunch

TOP TIP 6: Here’s a quick sum to give you a rough number of drinks needed for your wedding = number of guests  x  1.5  x  number of hours of serving #UKWedLunch

This week’s top tips were about drinks at weddings Take a look at previous top tips from #UKWedLunch networking hours

Thank you for all the RTs, follows and likes! Hope to see you again next Wednesday 1-2pm for more wedding planning chat #UKWedLunch

As well as general wedding planning chat, next week will be about networking #UKWedLunch

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