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My phone broke the other week and I lost all my photos. I was gutted I’d not backed it up recently. It made me realise how important pictures are to me – a lasting memory of a moment in time never to be replayed. Luckily technology nowadays allows us to have a back up, prepare for the worst and gives us options should accidents or the unexpected happen. Surely we should apply this same back up plan mentality when thinking about one of the biggest (and most expensive) days of our lives? Here are some things to think about, courtesy of those nice people at Silk Thistle Wedding Insurance.

When planning your wedding, insurance is probably the last thing on your mind. After all, there are so many important decisions to make: Finding the perfect venue, planning menus, colour schemes and flowers. Would you like your bouquet cascade or would a single flower make more of a statement? Should you have a traditional three-tier cake or one made of cheese or even a pork pie wedding cake? Would you prefer a vintage Rolls Royce to take you there or something a little different, like a double decker bus or a Hummer?

Even wedding photography has got more complicated; drones, videos and photo booths are all available, as well as some amazing wedding photographers, but who or what do you choose? There are wedding trends you had never even thought of: Boho, Gatsby, Rockabilly and Fairytale to name a few. Your wedding dress will reflect your style so it’s essential to get it right. And what about the shoes?

You plan everything down to the minutest detail. It’s like a military operation. What could possibly go wrong……?

Well unfortunately, things don’t always go to plan. What if the hotel you had booked your reception at went into receivership, along with your hefty deposit just two weeks before the wedding? Or the bridal shop burnt down, along with your dress? What if your Dad had to go into hospital suddenly? The seating plan would be the least of your worries as you would be more likely to postpone the wedding altogether. It’s all very well planning for a little rain, but what if the weather was so bad you and your guests couldn’t even get there? What would you do if the photographer’s equipment was stolen and all those memories lost or the wedding cake got damaged in transit?

Wedding Insurance can protect against such eventualities by covering you financially should things go wrong. At Silk Thistle Wedding Insurance, there are six levels of cover to suit every budget, as well as optional extras like marquee, ceremonial swords and public liability cover. They cover things like the rings, venue, dress, cake, suppliers and even photography (if only they covered losing photos on smart phones!)

With the average wedding in the UK costing over £20,000 they don’t come cheap. It is a large financial commitment, probably the biggest you’ll make after buying a house and a car. Wedding Insurance is probably one of the smallest expenses of your wedding budget. It could be the best money you’ll ever spend on your wedding!

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