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Pantone® have picked not one but two colours of the year for 2021. It’s only the second time they’ve picked more than one colour (since 2016 when it was Rose Quartz and Serenity).

The Pantone® Color of the Year 2021 is Illuminating 13-0647 AND Ultimate Gray 17-5104.

I’m over the moon that my top tip for the colour of the year has hit the mark (take a look at my review of the Spring/Summer 2020 colours) although a little disappointed that Illuminating wasn’t strong enough to be one colour on it’s own.

However, I think that the bright and fresh yellow of Illuminating is the ray of sunshine that we need after 2020. A spark of warm hope. Whilst the neutral grey provides stability and a reassuring foundation.

Sunshine on a rainy day.

I look forward to seeing couples incorporating Illuminating and Ultimate Gray into their wedding colour schemes in 2021.



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