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content creation



bespoke copywriting for websites, blogs, brochures, newsletters and other campaigns

researching and writing from scratch or editing and proofreading existing content


voice overs for podcasts, presentations, promotional videos, narration, e learning, commercials and telephone systems

providing audio content and also script writing


organisation of lifestyle photo shoots to showcase your products and provide campaign worthy images

creating theme and mood board as well as coordinating event

marketing support services

Hanami Dream helps venues and small, local, independent businesses in and around Witney, Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds. 

Offering a number of marketing support packages and projects. Amongst many other things, these range from:

  • blog content
  • copywriting
  • email campaigns
  • podcast scripts 
  • photo shoot planning
  • website improvements

Everything is tailored to each client to improve the quality and consistency of your marketing whilst saving you time and utilising a marketing specialist.

Please contact Hanami Dream to arrange an initial free consultation (after this first meeting work is charged per project or at an hourly rate, plus travel).

marketing advice

Old Red

Old Red

Old Red My first boss had a red biro that he nicknamed ‘Old Red’. I learnt so much in my very first marketing job. I find myself reciting, referring to and returning back to his tried and tested mantras over and over again. The lessons are etched in my head forever....

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Top Autumn 2022 colours from Pantone®

Top Autumn 2022 colours from Pantone®

Change of season It's coming up to the Spring equinox this weekend and it definitely feels like the seasons are shifting with the very welcome return of sunnier weather and longer days. I feel like I've lost a whole month - February was a complete right off for me. So...

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Pantone® announce the Color of the Year 2022

Pantone® announce the Color of the Year 2022

Pantone® Colour of the Year 2022 Aside from the obvious big occasion on the horizon, the other thing I look forward to in December is the announcement of the Pantone® colour of the year. I must admit, I was expecting a light and airy colour – perhaps a pale pink that...

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