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Crazy weather

I’m beginning to think that the warmer weather of last week was ‘false spring’ and led me in to a false sense of warmer months being imminent. Because this week, we are back to the erratic weather including rain, floods, high winds and even more frosty nights and misty mornings.

It seems the shoots in the ground thought the same as me and I hope they can make it unscathed through to spring soon.

Autumn 2024 colours

Whilst I am longing for Spring, it’s at this time of the year that I think about seasons even further away with the recent fashion weeks in New York, London and Milan this month, and Paris this week.

From these fashion weeks, Pantone® have predicted 10 colours that they think will be prevalent in Autumn/Winter 2024/25 which all make me feel warm and cosy like I’m wrapped in a luxurious velvet blanket.


There’s a big vibe of autumnal produce and harvest time in this mix of colours including names of plum, pumpkin, orange, tomato, egg plant (aubergine), and almond milk.


Lots of the colours evoke the natural work around us with fern, rainforest, iguana, pine cone, sheepkin and swan.

Crisp mornings

There’s a sense of chilly cold winter skys from Starlight Blue right through to Evening Blue.


Even these colours are hinting at the crazy changing weather we’re experiencing with extremes such as Storm Front, Sunburn, Misted Yellow and Moonstruck.

Fall 2024 colours 

The top ten colours for Fall 2024 from New York Fashion Week are:
  • Tomato Cream 16-1348
  • Scarlet Smile 19-1558
  • Golden Palm 17-0839 TCX
  • Aventurine 19-5421
  • Red Orange 17-1464
  • Fern 16-0430
  • Italian Plum 19-2514
  • Moonstruck 14-4500
  • Winter Sky 14-4307
  • Lucent White 11-0700

Fall 2024 extra colours from LFW

Most of the colours have the same vibe at London Fashion Week, with some slightly different hues. The noticeable difference was a yellowy brown at NYFW (of Buckthorn Brown) which were replaced with a bright blue (or Wave Ride) at LFW.

Here are the colours for Fall 2024 from LFW:

  • Pureed Pumpkin 17-1449
  • Misted Yellow 14-0837
  • Starlight Blue 12-4609
  • Cherry Tomato 17-1563
  • Sunburn 16-1429
  • Wave Ride 17-4129
  • Storm Front 17-1503
  • Eggplant 19-2311
  • Almond Milk 12-4301
  • Rain Forest 19-5232

Neutral basics

Pantone® have also updated the Fall 2024 Classic Colour Palette. These are a group of neutrals that are core basics in the form of beige, brown, grey, navy, and an earthy brown. The normal whites made it in to the main set of colours this season.

The bonus classic neutral colours for Fall 2024 from NYFW are:

  • White Swan 12-000
  • Raw Umber 17-1422
  • Dark Gull Gray 18-0403
  • Baritone Blue 19-3812
  • Buckhorn Brown 18-0935

    The Fall 2024 Classic Colour Palette at London Fashion Week swapped some of the main colours to the neutral palette including the addition of a moss green. They are:

    • Sheepskin 14-1122
    • Iguana 18-0525
    • Pinecone 19-1121
    • Dark Shadows 19-3906
    • Evening Blue 19-3815

        Colour themes

        Colour plays an important part in our lives and it’ll be interesting to see how these colours filter through to influence everything around us.

        Pantone® is the world-renowned authority on colour and the Pantone® Color of the Year is always really influential in any popular colour themes in fashion, interior design and weddings.