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ten more years of experience and accolades

This year marks 10 years since Hanami Dream was founded. Each month in the build up to the 10th birthday of Hanami Dream in July 2024, I’m taking a look at how the business has changed and different aspects that have shaped the business to where it is today.

Last month, I looked at some of the blog posts I’ve written over the last ten years to share content, build an audience and demonstrate experience and expertise.

This month I’m looking back on some awards, training and achievements that I’ve added over the last ten years.

Photography by Farrow Photography

celebrating achievements

We often don’t get to look at what we’ve done but it’s always great to reflect and look back on achievements.

Business gurus, psychologists and life coaches all agree on the importance of marking and celebrating achievements whether they’re academic, professional or personal milestones. Take a look at an article I wrote on this topic before.

From early on in our lives, striving for achievement is instilled in us. Whether this was with sticker charts where small steps add up to a reward after lots of hard work. Or dancing or music exams that test learned knowledge and give certificates so you can move up to the next level. Or watching athletes compete to win gold medals at the Olympics.

There are lots of ways to commemorate achievements whether they’re personal milestones, momentous occasions, family events, team building or award ceremonies.

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building on expertise

I’ve worked in marketing for over 20 years’ experience in a number of industries including publishing, motorcycle apparel, chartered accountants and businesses connected to the world of weddings.

During my career I’ve obtained my CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing and worked in various marketing roles for 13 years before starting my own business, Hanami Dream. These have included planning and managing corporate events and hospitality, plus working for over 6 years for an international clothing brand where I planned and managed photo shoots in some fabulous locations around the world.

Along the way, I’ve also gained valuable experience in project management, website development, product development, communications, operations, analysis and reporting.

Photography by Farrow Photography

continuing training

Hanami Dream was founded in 2014, which combines my marketing skills and photo shoot experience along with my passion for language and knowledge of the local market.

During the start of my new business, I gained new qualifications with the UK Academy of Wedding & Event Planners and became a Certified Wedding and Event Planner.

The course opened up my eyes to the whole wedding industry beyond just planning. My tutor gave me invaluable support and guidance, as well as some brilliant advice about playing to my strengths, entering competitions, having a niche and fitting the business around my life. I was delighted to be picked as Student of the Month in 2016.

Photography by Farrow Photography

competition champion

I started taking part in (and winning) mood board competitions and colour trend challenges. I enjoyed collating inspiration on Pinterest and showcasing my visions for photoshoots and wedding planning.

I’ve been chosen as #QueenOf Wedding Inspiration by The Royal Connection, received the #SmartSocial award from Marketme, won #BrightPig’s Business of the Week and I am also a WOW Winner, picked by Jacqueline Gold CBE and CEO of Ann Summers. As well as winning Theo Paphitis’s #SBS (Small Business Sunday).

Hanami Dream was shortlisted in the West Oxfordshire Business Awards 2020.

Photography by Farrow Photography

building prowess

I launched #UKWedLunch in 2016, as well as being a guest host on #BrideHour and I was the wedding judge at the UK Blog Awards 2019 (more about the Blog Awards in the next instalment of my ten year celebrations).

I was also pleased to see entries for a #WonderfulWeddingWares Instagram challenge that I ran.

Photography by Farrow Photography

published work

I have had my styled shoots published in print and featured in Your Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wedding magazine and Your Glos & Wilts Wedding magazine. Plus, an article I wrote on wedding styling trends was published in Your Berks, Buck & Oxon Wedding magazine.

I was proud to have one of my wedding marketing advice articles published on Bride magazine to help wedding suppliers to start and maintain a good company blog.

And Hanami Dream featured in the local press covering the role of judge in the UK Blog Awards 2019.

Photography by Farrow Photography

So if you’re celebrating your achievements at the moment (whether this is a big or small occasion or just giving yourself a little treat) make sure you take the time to give yourself some recognition and a little pat on your back.

All photography in the post are by Farrow Photography from our Wind in the Willows photoshoot. Look out for more images from other shoots in next month’s post following the build up to the tenth birthday.