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Weddings etiquette leaflet

modern alternatives to wedding traditions

Take a break from tradition with this handy guide to modern alternatives to personalise your wedding. DRESS IN WHITE: Will your dress be white/ivory or will you break with tradition? MATCHING BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES: Will your bridesmaids have matching dresses or will you mismatch styles or colours? UNLUCKY TO SEE BRIDE BEFORE THE WEDDING: Will you […]

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Wagstaff wedding 1911 | Hanami Dream

1910s wedding versus 2010s wedding

Imagine planning your wedding without the internet, without your smart phone, or without Pinterest! Goodness, imagine if you didn’t even have a ball point pen to quickly jot down ideas in a notebook! Rewind a hundred years and you’d be planning a wedding without technology and the advancements we are lucky to have nowadays. However […]

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