A (Brides)made to measure wedding dress

A (Brides)made to measure wedding dress

Wedding dress shopping can feel like a fairy tale to some but can also be a little overwhelming. Oftern bridal dress shops have a sea of (generally) white dresses laid out before the lucky bride to be which can leave some feeling a little daunted.

There are a few routes to take when thinking about finding the perfect wedding dress:

  1. buy a new wedding dress off the peg
  2. buy a second hand wedding dress
  3. borrow a wedding a dress
  4. have a wedding dress made to measure

Susie Grist Couture | Dale Stephens Photography | Silver Pear Weddings at Friars Court | Emma Goodwin Hair & Makeup | Yurga Makeup Artist

Here are some top tips from Susie Grist Couture on having a bespoke wedding dress made for your special day:

a wedding dress made just for you

By having your wedding dress made you can create the perfect gown with all the elements that you love. You are part of the design process, so you get to choose the style of it, the fabric, the colour, the type of lace, and any adornments. This means that the dress becomes part of you and will reflect your personality as this will influence the choices that you make. It will be a unique dress and no-one else will have exactly the same one, unlike if you bought one from a high street shop.

Another advantage of a bespoke wedding dress is that it will be tailor made to fit you, no matter what size or shape you are, so that you will feel confident on the day. When you buy a dress from a high street shop they come in standard dress sizes. As most people are not a standard size you will most likely have to pay a seamstress to have some alterations made for it to fit you properly.

Susie Grist Couture | Dale Stephens Photography | Silver Pear Weddings at Friars Court | Emilee’s Hair

designing a wedding dress just for you

Inspiration can come from many different sources such as bridal magazines, Pinterest, royal weddings, red carpet events, television and films. Or perhaps you have a favourite dress or top that you like the neckline or sleeves, or a favourite style of skirt. Or maybe you’ve tried on some wedding dresses and like certain elements about them but not the overall look.

To start the design process, it is helpful to collate your ideas and take them to an initial design consultation. By talking things through with your wedding dress designer you can pinpoint the best ideas and amalgamate them into the perfect design. Through asking the right questions, the designer will guide you through the design process even if you are a bride who is not quite sure what you want.

Susie Grist Couture | Dale Stephens Photography | Silver Pear Weddings at Friars Court | Emma Goodwin Hair & Makeup | Yurga Makeup Artist

wedding dress designer

The relationship between the wedding dress designer and the bride is a collaboration and it is important that you get along as you will be spending quite a bit of time together.

As you go through the various stages of making your bespoke gown ,the design will evolve and may even change as ideas progress. If at any stage throughout the process something is not how you envisioned, or you have a new idea it is important to tell your designer as soon as you can. They will help talk through the ideas and changes with you to see if they would work. After all, they are there to bring your dream dress to life and want you to love it.

You will have to make quite a few decisions along the way, but the designer is there to help point you in the right direction so don’t be afraid. It is a very exciting, satisfying and worthwhile experience.

Susie Grist Couture | Dale Stephens Photography | Silver Pear Weddings at Friars Court | Emilee’s Hair

made to measure costs and timescale

One of the first things everyone thinks about is the cost of a bespoke wedding dress. It may not be the cheapest wedding dress option, however it doesn’t have to be wildly expensive either. And it will be made to fit you exactly.

It is a good idea to research bespoke dress makers in your area and talk to them. You will need to know how much they charge, what is included in the charge and what is extra, when each instalment will be due for payment and how long it will take to make your bespoke dress.

Susie Grist Couture | Dale Stephens Photography | Silver Pear Weddings at Friars Court | Emma Goodwin Hair & Makeup | Yurga Makeup Artist | All About Flowers

fitting of a made to measure wedding dress

Just as with any wedding dress fitting, it is a good idea to buy the shoes and underwear you will be wearing as early as possible to wear to your fittings as this can influence the fit and length of the dress.

It is also nice to bring along accessories to your fittings so that you can try them on to see if they are working with your dress design.

If your size changes in the build up to the wedding, then having a bespoke dress is ideal as you will have several fittings throughout the making process and at each stage the dress will be altered to reflect your size.

About Susie Grist Couture

Susie Grist Couture specialise in designing and making individual bespoke wedding gowns. Based in Abingdon-On-Thames working from a home studio.

She has over 18 years of professional sewing experience and has been designing wedding dresses for nearly 6 years. She makes bridal gowns, bridesmaids and flower girl dresses and even outfits for mothers.


facebook logo@susiegristcouture

instagram logo@susiegristcouture

image credits:

Dresses | Susie Grist Couture | http://www.susiegristcouture.co.uk
Venue | Silver Pear Weddings at Friars Court, Clanfield | www.silverpearweddings.co.uk
Photography | Dale Stephens Photography | www.dalestephensphotography.com
Hair (purple lace dress & aqua blue with ivory lace dress) | Emilee’s Hair | www.emileeshair.co.uk
Hair (blush & ivory dresses) | Emma Goodwin Hair & Makeup | www.emmagoodwinhairandmakeup.co.uk
Make up (blush & ivory dresses) | Yurga Makeup Artist | www.yurgamakeup.co.uk
Flowers (ivory dress) | All About Flowers | www.swindonflorist.co.uk


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wonderful wedding wares

Marketing advice: how to start a company blog

Marketing advice: how to start a company blog

As featured on Bride magazine, wedding marketing advice for wedding suppliers on how to start a blog on your website.

company blog on your website

One of the best ways to enhance your rankings and get your website in front of your target audience is to generate regular new content for your website (which Google loves) and one way to achieve this is by having a company blog on your website. Here are some top tips on how to start and maintain a good company blog.


what do you want to achieve?

Firstly, you need to decide on your objectives. Why do you want to write a blog? What do you want it to achieve? How will you measure its success? Start with these big questions and always bring everything back to the answers. If what you’re doing doesn’t fulfil the answer then you need to question whether it is worth doing at all.

choose your niche

Don’t go too broad. Think about your expertise and stick to what you know. Be a content creator, a journalist in your own field, reporting on your area of knowledge as you see it.

pick your audience

Think about their age, education, interests, location, gender and occupation. Who do they follow on social media? Visualise them. What problems do they have? How will you be able to help them with their sticking points?

plan your blogging schedule

Think about how regularly you will blog and try to stick to the same time/day for each post. It is worth the effort to plan your content in advance so you’re not struggling to think of something to write each time. Have a calendar for the year and mark out any special events on it (national, local, industry, your company). Then think of themes for the quarter/month/week so that you can ensure all promotions are consistent at the same time.

pick a topic and title

Will your post answer a problem or provide new insight? Will you be able to solve the issues of your target audience?

plan & organise

Think about what type of posts you will write:

  • how to / tutorials
  • lists
  • resources / links
  • checklists / to do
  • interview / q&a with customers on why they chose your services, what they liked
  • real stories
  • news (awards, milestones, birthdays)
  • mood boards
  • guest posts
  • blog series / weekly theme
  • diary / day in the life of
  • personal experience
  • inspiration
  • relevant celebrity news / cultural topics / tv shows / films
  • reviews
  • info graphics
  • podcast
  • video (tour of workplace)




think of your introduction

You need to grab your audience’s interest straight away and outline what the post will cover.


Read around your subject and add in your own stance on the topic.

write for your audience

Think about the length of your post. Discussion posts are usually around 300 words to get people commenting; blogs for sharing on social media are often around 500-1000 words; to get more traffic to your website you’re looking at posts of 2000 words plus. Break up content with headlines.

make the appearance appealing

We buy with our eyes and an image speaks a thousand words so think carefully about the images, font, formatting, tags and meta data that you use in the post.

call to action

Make sure you think about what you want your audience to do with this post once they’ve read it. What is your ‘call to action’? Do you want them to share, comment, sign up for something, buy etc?

SEO and mobile

You need to consider the keywords you use throughout the post (what are your audience searching for on Google?) and how your post will appear on different devices. Install the YOAST plugin to your website to help with keyword and search engine optimisation. It also gives tips on how to make each post have good readability.

tag visuals

Make it easy for people to share images (pin it, tweet it, like it) and therefore ensure you’ve tagged the visuals so they always point back to your site.

hit publish

As well as publishing on your own site, consider pushing your content to other providers (via plugins) for a wider reach.

promote your blog posts

If you don’t promote your content then no one will know it is there! So, the promotional side of things is as important as the content itself. Social media is an amazing way of spreading the word without spending a penny on marketing. There are lots of scheduling tools to help to do this in a timely manner.

Think about what your audience read. What social media do they use? You need to tell people what, where and when you’ve written new content. Consider networking/groups in social media for extra coverage.

link to social media

As well as making your content pin able etc, make sure your social media channels all link to your blog and vice versa. Plus include links in your email signature.

link in bios of social media

Change the links in Instagram and Twitter bios to the latest blog post or consider having a ‘landing page of links’ (such as LinkTree etc) so that you can include that link in bios.


It is really important that when you’re promoting your blog to try to attract views from non-followers too. Think about hashtags that your audience would use. Don’t go for hashtags which are too popular or broad as your stuff will get lost. Likewise, don’t go for hashtags that are rarely used as no one will be looking at them.

review your content

Check what has worked, which posts have been the most successful (traffic/likes/comments/sales etc). Also check which posts haven’t worked and consider why so that you can amend for future posts.


Learn from your successes/failures and repeat what has worked well.



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winner UK Blog Awards 2018

wonderful wedding wares

Celebrating 5 years of Hanami Dream!

Celebrating 5 years of Hanami Dream!

What a day for celebration the fourth of July is: Independence Day, Alice Day and also the 5th birthday of Hanami Dream weddings and special occasions!

five years since my first styled shoot

Yes, July marks five years since I published my first styled photo shoot under the umbrella of Hanami Dream. After that Alice in Wonderland shoot in 2014, came the Wizard of Oz, followed in 2016 by a Wind in the Willows wedding. The following year saw the addition of 3 more styled bridal shoots: a modern Edwardian Secret Garden themed wedding, a real break from tradition with a Festival style wedding and also a lovely winter Journey to the Centre of the Earth themed wedding. I love working with amazing local suppliers!

Photography by Cat Stephens Photography

five years since my first tweet

From my first tweet in 2014, to a steadily increasing readership (and social media following) with around 1,600 unique page views a month on average. Plus a combined social media network of over 5,500 followers and ongoing promotion and networking means this is ever growing.

five years since my first blog post

It’s crazy to think how much has evolved over the past five years; now 367 blog posts later and winner at the Event and Wedding category at the UK Blog Awards last year.

five years of accolades

I have had my styled shoots published in print and featured in Your Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wedding magazine and Your Glos & Wilts Wedding magazine. Plus, an article I wrote on 2019 wedding styling trends was published in Your Berks, Buck & Oxon Wedding magazine.

I was proud to have one of my wedding marketing advice articles published on Bride magazine to help wedding suppliers to start and maintain a good company blog.
And Hanami Dream featured in the local press covering the role of judge in the UK Blog Awards 2019.

five years more credentials

I’m really pleased with my honoured collection of accolades, which include #QueenOf Wedding Inspiration by The Royal Connection, the #SmartSocial award from Marketme, #BrightPig’s Business of the Week, WOW Winner picked by Jacqueline Gold CBE. As well as winning Theo Paphitis’s #SBS (Small Business Sunday).

During my career I’ve obtained my CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing and worked in various marketing roles for 13 years before starting my own business. I’ve also obtained my Diploma in Wedding and Event Planning with the UK Academy of Wedding & Event Planners making me a Certified Wedding and Event Planner.

Over the last year, I’ve been pleased to be nomiated in the Foxy Deer Awards and the Cotswold Awards.

five years of supporting couples with wedding planning

I launched #UKWedLunch nearly 3 years ago, as well as being a guest host on #BrideHour and this year I was the wedding judge at the UK Blog Awards 2019.

I was also pleased to see the entries for a #WonderfulWeddingWares Instagram challenge this May.

five more years’ experience

As well as writing an award winning wedding blog, I’m also a wedding marketing specialist, with 18 years experience in a number of industries.

As well as providing inspiration to brides and grooms in the Cotswolds, I’ve continued to combine my previous 13 years of marketing experience, with my local knowledge, in the scope of the wedding industry. I provide marketing consultation to some local, independent wedding businesses in and around Witney, Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds where I’ve been affectionately titled the Wedding Inspector – a bit like the Alex Polizzi of the local wedding industry!

work with Hanami Dream

It has certainly been a busy year already and it is excitedly looking good for the remainder of 2019.

I’m looking forward to working with more local wedding professionals, services and venues #keepitlocal. And I can’t wait to produce more styled photo shoots and have more opportunities to collaborate with local suppliers.

Please get in touch if you’d like to advertise on the blog, submit your own wedding details, would like to collaborate on a shoot, write a guest post or need some marketing advice and guidance. Together we can build the local wedding industry and inspire brides and grooms for their special day.

Happy birthday to Hanami Dream – now where is the cake?!

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wonderful wedding wares

Keeping your wedding guests well watered

Keeping your wedding guests well watered

With World Gin Day this weekend, my thoughts go to wedding drinks.

Keeping your wedding guests well fed, watered and entertained is key to a really happy wedding day. Get this right and you’re on to a winner.

Remember everyone loves free things! If you can’t afford to pay for the bar all night then perhaps welcome drinks and some with the meal will be a nice gesture.

Here’s a quick guide to getting the drinks right for your wedding day.

1. Drink seasonally – if the weather is hot then you’ll need to make sure you’ve got plenty of cool drinks including non alcoholic beverages and possibly extra ice too. And vice versa, if it’s cold then consider offering a hot toddy, mulled wine or a hot chocolate to warm up your guests.

2. Service – if your guests are serving themselves then they may pour more than a bar tender. However they may drink less depending on the time of your wedding or on a weekday. So allow more or less accordingly.

3. Bar – the main alcohols to stock a basic wedding bar include: gin, vodka, rum, tequila, whisky, beer, wine, and champagne. And make sure you have a good selection of soft drinks, mixers and non alcoholic options too.

4. Drinks with the meal – roughly you can get 4 servings per bottle of wine (and 18 servings per bottle of liquor). Consider placing bottles of wine (and water) on the table for people to serve themselves during the meal.

5. Drinks with the toasts – allow 1 bottle for every 8 guests for the champagne toast and only pour half glasses (as most guests will just take sip and go back to their original drink).

6. Quick calculations – Here’s a quick sum to give you a rough number of drinks needed for your wedding = number of guests  x  1.5  x  number of hours of serving.


Photography by Farrow Photography


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Dealing with difficult wedding guests

Dealing with difficult wedding guests

There will probably be some tough decisions to make with your guest list. Ultimately, it all boils down to who you want in the room with you and how well do you want to know the people that are there.

After the guest list headaches, chasing RSVPs and endlessly revising the seating plan, there may be some issues to consider so you can avoid any dramas with tricky wedding attendees.

Here are my top 6 tips for dealing with difficult wedding guests.

1. Think about your guest list from the start. Be specific on the invitation to avoid unexpected plus ones. Have a plan if an unexpected guest arrives.

2. Brief your attendants. Perhaps give them on stand by with a secret code word to intervene with difficult guests. Think about any guests that may need to be kept a part (or away from the free bar!)

3. Seat difficult guests near the back or side at the reception. Consider seating divorced couples apart. Think about having a sweetheart table if your parents are not able to sit together on a traditional top table.

4. Ensure guests are kept well fed (it helps soaks up alcohol) to avoid drunken antics. Happy guests are less likely to be tetchy or bored.

5. Ask for any dietary requirements in advance. Make sure there’s no surprises on the day.

6. Keep the children entertained to stave off boredom. Consider outside or an additional room for them to play.

Photography by Farrow Photography



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wonderful wedding wares

Wedding venue review: Bodleian Library

Wedding venue review: Bodleian Library

Bodleian Library wedding venue

One of the things I love about our region is the complete diversity of the types of wedding venues available in and around the Cotswolds and Oxfordshire. With an abundance of barns, manor houses, hotels and beautiful backdrops to tie the knot.

It’s not often that I’m completely blown away by a venue the first time I see it, before it has been styled and dressed for an occasion. But this was certainly the case for the Bodleian Library – it wowed me at very first sight!

Stu Heppell Photography

Bodleian Library location

The dreaming spires of Oxford are a pull for many tourists and locals alike. Many crave the Oxford college look for a celebration but this isn’t always possible unless you’re part of the illusive alumni. However, you don’t have to be part of this elite to utilise this stunning space.

The Bodleian Library is one of the oldest libraries in Europe (dating back to 1488) and the largest in the UK. An extensive working reference library which is part of the University of Oxford.

Set in Oxford city centre with entrances from Broad Street, Catte Street and Radcliffe Square into the Old School Quadrangle of the Old Bodleian Library.

Goose & Berry | That Event Company | Fabulous Flowers

Breath taking ceiling

It’s rare that you find a venue that just speaks for itself and has the wow factor without any frills or accessories. This little beauty doesn’t need to be dolled up to the nines to look good – it has got the natural look down to a fine art. It is quintessentially English so it’s no wonder it’s been used to typify English culture in so many films.

The ceiling is breath taking. And whilst you may balk at some restrictions in other venues, here you can completely understand why balloons or candles would be a no-no (after all there is an extensive and renowned library just above your head!) You are paying for an amazing atmosphere here.

Photography by Nicola & Glen

Preferred suppliers

With this in mind, they specify that you use their preferred supplier for lighting as they know the ancient electrics inside out. And the Bodleian Library have partnered up with Oxford Fine Dining (who seem to be prolific in this area of the industry at the moment) for all your catering needs.

Aside from that, you have the chance to bring in your own florist, photographer and any other suppliers for your day. This venue is a dry hire so everything has to be brought in by suppliers – including the kitchen sink. However, there is an amazing experienced wedding coordinator to offer you guidance and support.

Dale Stephens Photography

Grand and intimate celebrations

There are three main areas that make up the rooms for hire. Firstly, the Divinity School (which can sit up to 120 people for your wedding breakfast) with its striking carved gothic ceiling and huge arched windows, making this the most impressive of the three. You could have your ceremony and reception in this room alone from 4pm.

Or you could use the adjacent Convocation House, with its court like appearance which was a 17th century meeting place for the debating society and still houses the chapel style seating for around 100 people. This could also be for ceremony and a more intimate seated dinner throughout the day.

Better still, you could opt for a combination of the two options and mix and match the rooms you utilise.

There is a smaller Chancellor’s Court room next door which in the evening will act as a make shift kitchen for the caterers or a private entrance for your ceremony during the day.

A drinks reception would be idyllic outside in the Old School’s Quadrangle amidst the statues, whilst the bride and groom go off to have photos in the Duke Humfrey Library. A guided tour for 20 of your guests could also be arranged during your drinks reception.

Alexandra Jane Photography


This wedding venue is a magnificient blank canvas. Whilst it was certainly not built for weddings in the 13th century, it more than makes up for its slightly trickier organisation process with its unique charm and character. In spade fulls.

The ceiling alone is awesome and you’d be forgiven for just staring at the rafters for the duration of any event. It is not an exaggeration to say that this place is stunning.

Throw in a morning punting and a sighting of Morse and you’ll have fully submerged in a dreamy Oxford world.


Type of venue: historic building
Find out more: www.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/weddings
Location: The Bodleian Library, Broad Street, Oxford OX1 3BG
Wedding season: year round
Guests: 100-120
Marquee option: n/a
Ceremony: licensed (in two rooms)
Venue hire: from £1800 (ceremony only) or £6550 for wedding reception. Bespoke packages available. 
Nearest church: University Church of St Mary the Virgin, The High Street, Oxford OX1 4BJ
Wedding breakfast: packages with Oxford Fine Dining www.oxfordfinedining.co.uk
Accommodation: Old Bank Hotel nearby www.oldbank-hotel.co.uk
Wedding fairs: Wedding showcase 23rd February 2019 and throughout the year
Other things worth a mention: You may have spotted this venue is some pretty high profile films including Harry Potter and the recent ‘The Favourite’ starring Olivia Coleman who got an Oscar for best actress for her role.

Goose & Berry | That Event Company | Fabulous Flowers

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wonderful wedding wares

Join the #WonderfulWeddingWares Instagram challenge this May

Join the #WonderfulWeddingWares Instagram challenge this May

#WonderfulWeddingWares May 2019

Join the #WonderfulWeddingWares Instagram challenge this May with Hanami Dream!

What is #WonderfulWeddingWares?

This month long challenge is about making new contacts, finding new people to follow and discovering the amazing talent our region has to offer the wedding industry. It’s the little details that bring any event to life and a wedding is a culmination of many different beautiful and wonderful wedding wares from an array of amazing suppliers.

In this challenge there is a new wedding theme for each day of the month of May – simply post your photo to your Instagram feed along with the #WonderfulWeddingWares hashtag. There’s no need to take new photos to join in – you can choose to tag an existing image that you have already posted that you feel fits the theme well. And don’t worry if you don’t have an image for every day – just do the ones that fit your products.

Who is #WonderfulWeddingWares for?

This challenge is for any wedding supplier offering their products to couples getting married in the Cotswolds, UK such as: photographers, venues, stylists, stationery designers, florists, dress makers, favour producers, tableware renters, prop hire companies, jewellery designers, cake makers and anyone else who provides a place, product or service that make up a wonderful wedding day.

It’s a great opportunity to showcase your own wonderful wedding wares. Tell your friends and colleagues – let’s get as many involved as we can.

Just tag your posts with #WonderfulWeddingWares

When does #WonderfulWeddingWares start?

Get ready for the start on Wednesday 1st May 2019. I can’t wait for May – with two bank holidays and my birthday thrown in there too, plus it’ll be great to see the different ways you creative lot interpret each theme. I will also pick a selection of each theme from different suppliers to make mood boards to share on social media and my blog.

#WonderfulWeddingWares prompts

Here are the #WonderfulWeddingWares prompts for May 2019 (weekends and bank holidays in bold):

  1. Eco
  2. Circus/carnival
  3. Medieval
  4. Industrial
  5. Great Gatsby
  6. Red
  7. Pink
  8. Gold
  9. Yellow
  10. Chocolate
  11. Purple
  12. Blue
  13. Spring
  14. Summer
  15. Autumn
  16. Winter
  17. Rain
  18. Outdoors
  19. Nighttime
  20. White
  21. Black
  22. Pastel
  23. Green
  24. Bold colours
  25. Tartan
  26. Mismatched
  27. Sparkly
  28. Lace
  29. Paper
  30. Fruit
  31. Festival

Follow Hanami Dream, the creator of this challenge, on Instagram.




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wonderful wedding wares

Hanami Dream announce winner of the wedding UK Blog Award 2019

Hanami Dream announce winner of the wedding UK Blog Award 2019

UK Blog Awards 2019

I was delighted to judge the wedding category in the UK Blog Awards 2019. In case you missed it, on Friday night I had the honour of announcing and announce the winner and highly commended blogs. 

Take a look on YouTube or read my speech below.

Wedding category announcement

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the announcement of the winner and highly commended wedding blogs of the UK Blog Awards 2019.

My name is Nicola Jackson from Hanami Dream – a wedding blog based in the beautiful Oxfordshire Cotswolds. And a very proud winner of the wedding UK Blog Awards 2018. I’m delighted to hand on the baton to the winner this year.



Eco friendly weddings

It’s a sad fact that, by their nature, weddings can be quite wasteful.

So it’s great to see more couples addressing this by choosing eco friendly options to reduce the impact that their wedding day has on the environment.

More and more couples are going greener, thinking seasonally, reducing paper usage, keeping it local, having a smaller more intimate day, offering alternative menu choices and making more diy elements themselves. They’re considering how they can reuse elements after the day by donating any wastage to those less fortunate, offsetting the carbon footprint and reducing costs.



Marriage laws

Changes in the law have also had an impact on the diversity of weddings taking place and weddings are becoming more and more personal.

So it’s great to see this evolution and diversity being mirrored in the blogging world –


Wedding blog finalists

I’ve really enjoyed reading the finalists’ in this year’s wedding category and seeing how they portray a modern stance on the world of weddings and addressing up to date alternatives to old traditions.

I love that the wedding genre overlaps many other categories too such as Eco, Law, Lifestyle, Fashion and Finance amongst others.

I encourage more wedding blogs to enter next year – it’s a great exposure and experience and a wonderful chance to show off your own niche.

The finalists this year have epitomised the diversity of the wedding industry, showing originality, a forward thinking conscience and how we can all start to make a difference. They are as personal and individual as the weddings they report on.

The finalist are:
Gay Wedding Blog
Magpie Wedding
Quirky Nuptials
Say I do on a budget
The Lovely Little Label
Unconventional Wedding
Wed in Central Park


Winners of the wedding category of the UK Blog Awards 2019

By the power vested in me by the UK Blog Awards, I now pronounce that the highly commended wedding blog is… Fierce Blooms
A wonderful personal voice showing authenticity, highly environmentally conscience and amazing story telling that paints a picture.

And it gives me great pleasure in announcing that the winner of the wedding category of the UK Blog Awards 2019 is…
Gay Wedding Blog
Not only a fantastic design with strong imagery but a clear purpose showing originality and diversity.

Huge congratulations to all the finalists and a very well done to the winners in this year’s UK Blog Awards.

Enjoy the celebrations.”




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wonderful wedding wares

Wedding trends in the Cotswolds

Wedding trends in the Cotswolds

Insight in to weddings

Looking at current wedding trends can provide valuable insight for those working in the wedding industry (such as venues, planners or suppliers) as well as couples wedding planning. Trends can give an idea of popular thinking, areas of growth, ways to save money and how to differentiate and personalise away from these common elements.

Wedding revenue

The wedding industry is a year round business, although it does have seasonal fluctuations with the main wedding season of April-October in the UK. It is currently worth around £10 billion each year in the UK and the market is refreshed 100% every year with new customers.

Value of weddings

Brexit could have a huge affect on prices including importing flowers and labour. Plus a possible recession could mean reduced wedding budgets as inflation rates increase.

A weak value of the British pound may mean that it is less likely for UK couples to travel aboard for a destination wedding. However it may make the UK an attractive destination wedding location for non UK couples. The recent royal weddings have also boosted the wedding industry and tourism. So wedding suppliers may be able to capitalise on these changes.

Number of weddings declining

Since 1972, the number of marriages in England and Wales has shown a steady decline. In 2012, the number of marriages in England and Wales increased by 5.3% on the previous year. However in 2013, the number of marriages in England and Wales decreased by 8.6% which was the first decline since 2009.

In 2014, the number of marriages between opposite sex couples increased by 2.7% from 2013 but dipped again in 2015. There were also 4,850 marriages between same sex couples in 2014 and 6,493 in 2015. The introduction of marriages of same sex couples since 29 March 2014 showed an increase in marriages compared with separate civil ceremonies.

Average age increasing

By contrast the average age of marriages in England and Wales continues to rise overall year on year since the 1970s. Among opposite sex couples, more women than men married at ages under 30; on average, men tend to form relationships with women younger than themselves. Among same sex couples, more women than men married at ages under 50.

For marriages of opposite sex couples, the average age for men marrying in 2015 was 37.5 years, while for women it was 35.1 years. The average age at marriage for same sex couples in 2015 was slightly higher at 40.6 years for men and 37.0 years for women. An aging population means more older couples are marrying/remarrying aged 65 to 69.

Increase in ceremonies in civil approved venues

In 1995, the law was changed to allow marriages to be conducted in other civil approved venues (other than religious venue or a registry office). Now 40% of ceremonies are carried out in these type of venues. The number of civil approved venues continues to rise and more couples chose to marry in this type of premise.

Going forwards the type of ceremony in England and Wales could include legal outdoor ceremonies. There has been lots of talk around the government trying to help couples getting married to keep wedding costs down with a view to the end of austerity. This proposed change is already the case in Scotland where ceremonies can be legally held outdoors, not just by a religious leader or registrants but also for humanists to conduct legally binding ceremonies. 

Saturdays most popular day to get married

The weekend continues to be the most popular (and therefore most expensive) day of the week to get married. Whilst Wednesday is the least popular day. Couples are looking at alternative under utilised week day weddings to open up possibilities and potentially lower the cost of venue hire. However this would mean that guests would need to take time off work to attend.

August most popular month to get married

Whilst British weather isn’t guaranteed in summer months, it doesn’t stop August, July, September and May being the most popular months to get married in England and Wales.
January, February, November and March are least popular months to tie the knot. Winter and Christmas weddings are on the increase as are those near bank holidays and school holidays such as Easter and October half terms.

Number of couples cohabiting prior to marriage increasing

With the main market of the millennial generation getting married, the number of couples cohabiting prior to marriage continues to increase each year. With 87.7% of weddings of opposite sex couples in 2015 and 95.2% of wedding of same sex couples in 2015.

Average cost of wedding increasing

The average cost of a wedding is currently over £27,000 outside of London (with the average cost of a wedding in London over £38,000). An incredible 4% of weddings in the southeast cost more than £100,000. This often does not include the average cost of a honeymoon at £3,704.

Wedding budget costs have seen an outstanding 35% increase in the last 10 years. However there is an deeper distinction of wedding extremes with budgets being at very ends of the spectrum such as lavish celebrity style wedding versus diy weddings with more homemade elements.

Weddings in the Cotswolds

Located in a beautiful part of the UK with stunning lush countryside, an abundance of barns, manor houses, hotels and beautiful backdrops to tie the knot. It’s no wonder that every year 20,106 of couples getting married in England choose to say ‘I do’ in the Cotswolds, with 3,269 weddings in Oxfordshire each year.


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10 reasons guests will love your Cotswold wedding

10 reasons guests will love your Cotswold wedding

Wedding venues in the Cotswolds

Hanami Dream is based in West Oxfordshire and there are some truly beautiful wedding venues to choose from in the surrounding Cotswolds. Whether in a barn, a manor house, a marquee or a hotel, there are some amazing places to hold your wedding or special occasion. Take a look at the venues with wedding licences where you can get married in West Oxfordshire.

Places for your guests to visit in the Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is a relaxing escape from the big cities, with rolling hills, acres of lavender fields, historical towns, stately homes and picturesque, chocolate box villages with their honey coloured limestone buildings.

So it is no wonder many couples choose to say ‘I do’ in this area of outstanding natural beauty. Your guests may have travelled far and wide for your big day so may wish to stay overnight (or longer). After the wedding, here are some places that your guests may wish to visit in and around Witney to make a proper get away of their trip (and five of them you can get married at too!) As featured on travel blog Twenty Six O Two.

1. Historical Witney

Witney is famous for 3 Bs: blankets, bread and beer. The major one of these is it’s woollen mills and blanket industry. Blankets were first made here in AD969 and there was a working blanket factory until 2002. There are old woollen mills around the town (although most are converted to offices or flats now).

A walking tour of the town takes in most of the relevant locations such as the Market Place, The Blanket Hall, Weavers Cottages, The Buttercross, Corn Exchange (where you can have a civil wedding ceremony) and the River Windrush (which would have provided clean water for cloth making and was a good stream to power the mills). Witney and District Museum is worth a visit for history buffs and there are awesome monthly pie nights held at The Blanket Hall.

Witney also has a history of brewing since 1841 and the Wychwood Brewery is sited here brewing the legendary Hobgoblin beer and offers guided tours and tastings.

2. Cogges Manor Farm

Cogges Manor Farm is a local museum and farm attraction which puts on lots of events throughout the year. It is a haven and wonderful place to escape with the children.

More than just a farm museum, it was a set location for a lot of the interior shots of Downtown Abbey, as well as featuring as the childhood home of Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette in the film Colette, released in 2019 and starring Keira Knightley and Dominic West.

With beautiful grounds, animals and a manor house, it also has two stunning seventeenth century barns which provide a wonderful setting for weddings and celebrations.


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3. Witney Shops & free parking

Witney boasts a great number of unique and independent retailers (like Rapture and the Old Pill Factory) as well as some major big hitters (such as M&S, Debenhams, Next, Fat Face and White Stuff). With two main shopping areas at either end of the High Street, people flock to shop in Witney. Even more so as the parking is free throughout the town.

4. The Leys

At the bottom of the High Street, is Church Green which is great to sit and take a rest from shopping. Or just the other side of St Mary’s Church is The Leys, a spacious recreational ground.

The Leys makes a great day out with the kids, complete with amazing park equipment, a splash park, crazy golf and toilets. You can take a picnic or eat at The Coffee Shed. During the summer months it is used as the perfect place to host Witney carnival and numerous music concerts.


5. Ducklington Lake

Witney Lake (known locally as Duck or Ducklington Lake) is a picturesque spot for a leisurely walk just a short way from the town centre.

Good for relaxing walks, bird watching, fishing or feeding the ducks, it is exactly a mile to go around the lake. If you fancy a slightly longer walk you can go across fields towards the neighbouring village of Ducklington, home of the elusive Fritillary flower.

6. Old Swan & Minster Mill

Not far out of Witney is Minster Lovell, an idyllic and remote Oxfordshire village. You can walk to the Minster ruins from Witney if you’re feeling spritely. Where you could reward yourself with a refreshing drink at the Old Swan and Minster Mill, or better still enjoy their spa facilities to completely unwind. A 5-star country inn set on the River Windrush surrounded by 65 acres of Cotswold wildflower meadows and riverside gardens. This is a destination to get away from the hectic, crowded city to a stunning and tranquil setting.


Photography by Farrow Photography

7. Crocodiles of the World

A short drive towards Brize Norton, will bring you to the UK’s only crocodile zoo, Crocodiles of the World. There are over 150 crocodiles there from 15 different species including crocodiles, alligators and caimans, as well as other reptiles.

Feeding time is always exciting to watch and the knowledgeable staff give really in depth and interesting talks at different times of the day, plus you might even get the chance to hold a baby croc.

8. Cotswold Wildlife Park

There are so many reasons to visit the nearby town of Burford including the immense garden centre, its medieval bridge, old stone houses and attractive frontage. Burford is quite rightly called one of the most picturesque towns in England and just simply walking around the town can happily wile away an afternoon.

In addition, Cotswold Wildlife Park (just outside of Burford) is well worth a visit with so many amazing animals to see including lions, giraffes (where you can go on to a platform to be face to face with them), rhinos (and even a baby rhino), zebras, penguins, birds, reptiles, primates, as well as a farmyard, train and adventure playground.

9. Eynsham Hall

The opposite way out of Witney, set in rural Oxfordshire lies Eynsham Hall which, despite its name, is actually in North Leigh (on the road between Witney and Woodstock) rather than in Eynsham itself. After driving through wooded areas, you come upon some impressive gates that lead the way to the estate. The half-a-mile, tree-lined, driveway escorts you until the Hall slowly comes in to view.

You can certainly spoil yourself at this country house hotel and enjoy a lavish afternoon tea at Eynsham Hall.

10. Blenheim Palace

You can’t come to this neck of the woods without a visit to Blenheim Palace in Woodstock. Birthplace of Winston Churchill, steeped in history with absolutely phenomenal grounds, palace tours, butterfly house, maze, miniature train and adventure playground. Not to mention all the events and shows that are put on throughout the year, as well as being able to get married in style here.


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